Ditchling Archery Club

Welcome to the website of Ditchling Archery Club.

We are a thriving archery club in mid-Sussex with a current membership of around 50, which includes compound, recurve, recurve barebow and longbow archers. Many of our members have represented Sussex in County matches and have had success as individuals representing the club in their own right. We have five qualified coaches - including one County coach – who assist newcomers to the club and run the beginners courses.

We shoot all year round in pleasant surroundings at Ditchling Recreation Ground, taking part in the Sussex County Albion League and the Selby Postal League during the Summer months. During the Indoor season from October to March our compound and recurve teams compete in the BA Postal League. Members also take part in open shoots run by archery clubs in Sussex and its neighbouring counties. There are also many archers among our numbers who shoot for nothing but pleasure.

Anyone, providing they have completed a recognised beginners course and adhere to the GNAS motto of Union, Trueheart and Courtesie, is welcome to shoot with us.

Our website provides information about where we shoot, membership fees, our coaching team and our shooting calendar, together with regular updates on the club's activities and its progress in various competitions throughout the year. You will find relevant contact information on the site's pages or you can visit our contact page, where you will find contact details for various members of the club.

News for the club is posted below.

SCAS and Sussex County Indoor Championships 2015

April 30th, 2015

On 11th April 2015 several members of the club took part in the Regional and County Indoor Championships at K2 – Crawley which was a Portsmouth round. Congratulations to all who took part and put in a fantastic performance.

For the Region (SCAS), Ditchling won Ladies Compound (Jacki), and Junior Ladies Barebow (Jess). Petra and Ben were part of the Sussex Team that came second in the region.DAC K2 SCAA SCAS 2015

For the Double Open Round, Ditchling won Ladies Recurve (Petra), Junior Ladies Barebow (Jess), Men’s Longbow (Paul) and Junior Men’s Compound (Nathan).

For the County (Sussex), Ditchling won Ladies Recurve (Petra), Ladies Compound (Jacki), Ladies Barebow (Jess), Men’s Barebow (Iain), Junior Ladies Recurve (Jodie) and Junior Ladies Barebow (Jess). Ditchling also won the County Club team with Petra, Ben and Nathan.

Later in the evening was the Team Event shooting a FITA18. Ditchling won both the Sussex Senior and Junior Teams.

Senior Team: Ditchling Dynamics: Ben, Petra, Jacki, Peter

Junior Team: Ditchling Demons: Jodie, Jess, Nathan and a guest appearance (and huge thank you to) Kai Thomas-Prause from Bayeaux for stepping in last minute and shooting for the team.

Special mention to Ditchling Dynamos: Paul, Dave, Sue and Kevin

Results are on the Sussex website: http://www.sussex-archery.org.uk/2015-indoor-championships-home-page/

Whitehill – St George Round

April 28th, 2015

On 29th March 2015, Iain shot a St George round – (3 doz at 100yrds, 80yrds and 60yrds) at Whitehill Archers. Below is Iain’s report, sounds like the elements were braved!

Starting the day in high winds and rain the so start numbers were down.  At assembly we were reminded of the rules for record status shoots (2 whistles to move to the line, 1 whistles to commencing shooting and 3 whistles to collect, all shooting ends of 6).  The only unusual idea was at sighters, where the first detail was allowed to shoot and collect, and then the second detail was allowed to shoot and collect, allowing each detail to have a “clean” target for sighters.

The day progressed in high wind and rain, numerous tents were blown over, brollies broken and hats blown off, presenting very challenging conditions.  Sadly, as we, moved to score and collect, the end of the 4th dozen, we had a target full of arrows fall over, resulting in a number of arrows being damaged.

The shoot was finally abandoned at the end of the 7th dozen when the target faces, which had been completely soaked, started blowing off the bosses.

Ditching’s interest was in the Barebow section with Iain Cadle coming second to David Strong.

Club Indoor Championships 2015

March 24th, 2015

Here are the results of the Ditchling indoor championships. This was held on 22nd March 2015.


The round was a Portsmouth (5 doz at 20 yards on 60cm face)

17 members attended, shooting across the four disciplines of the club.

An afternoon of mixed fortunes, some shooting well and achieving their objectives. Well done to the winners.

Bring on the outside season!

Well done to all who took part.

Brighton Bowmen FITA 18

March 22nd, 2015

On 21st February 2015, Jacki and Petra were at Brighton Bowmen’s FITA 18 in Holbrook.

Petra finished second in ladies recurve.

Jacki finished seventh.

Hampshire Indoor Championships

March 22nd, 2015

On 7th February 2015, Petra, Jacki and Nathan ventured down to Eastleigh for the Hampshire Championships FITA 18 seeding match with a head to head elimination format.

Nathan came thirteenth in Gentleman’s Compound, shooting as a junior on the Saturday and returned on the Sunday for the Portsmouth and came second in the under 14s compound and was first place as a visitor in his section.

Jacki came 4th in ladies compound after getting through the eliminations to the bronze medal match.

Petra was first in ladies recurve after reaching the final in the eliminations and winning the match.

Ditchling Archery Club Windsor Tournament

February 20th, 2015

Ditchling Archery Club will be hosting their annual Windsor tournament on Sunday 7th June 2015.

An application form can be downloaded from the Windsor Tournament page.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Arundown Worcester Shoot 2015

February 2nd, 2015

On 01 February 2015, some members of the club took part in Arundown’s Worcester Tournament, a nice friendly local shoot and a good chance to catch up with local friends.
The club won team silver which consisted of Ben, Petra and Bob – who we are sure he is glad he took part last minute and put in a new personal best – well done.
The second team of Kevin and Jodie came in at 7th.
Jacki and Jack (compound) were fourth for team Ditchling.
Petra won the single and double round for ladies recurve, with Jodie finishing in respectable 4th place in the senior category and second in the double.
Jodie also won the under 16s junior ladies recurve for the single and double round (Possible County Record).
There was single and double round silver medals for Jacki (compound).
Ben (recurve) was third in the single and second on the double rounds.
Jack put in a good perfomance for a gold medal in the single and double under 14s junior men’s compound.
Nathan took silver in the single double under 14s junior men’s compound and won the triple round.
Bob finished joint 17th and Kevin, on his first Worcester came in at 19th, both in gentleman’s recurve.
A total of nine club records were broken also.

Well done to everyone!


Team Ditchling at the Arundown Worcester tournament 2015



Guildford FITA 25

January 27th, 2015

For some club members it was the first tournament of the year. Jacki and Petra ventured to Guildford Spectrum for the club’s FITA 25 meter indoor shoot on Sunday 11th January 2015.

Jacki (compound) was fourth in the single round and won silver for the double round.

Petra (recurve) was third in the single round and won the double round.

National Indoors 2014

December 8th, 2014

On Sunday 7th December 2014 Petra ventured up to Coventry to shoot at the National Indoor Championships against some of the country’s best in the FITA 18 competition and following Head to Head elimination matches.

This time she was not wearing a Ditchling shirt, but an England shirt, as she was selected to be part of the team to represent England at the Home Nations event on the same day. We believe this is a first for Ditchling Archery Club.

Her seeding match qualifier was a slight disappointment at placing 23rd, despite being up from 31st on last year. However, she was part of the winning England team in the Home Nations result.

Petra went on to find her form in the head to head elimination matches, successfully making it through from the last 32 to the last 16 after a five set tie and a one arrow shoot off to determine the winner of the match. Petra took the final 16 match to the full five sets, but lost it on the final set by three low red eights, when previously they were high yellow.

Petra finished in joint ninth – many congratulations, and on the England selection.

Results available on ArcheryGB’s website and a mention on Sussex County Archery Association’s website http://www.sussex-archery.org.uk/news-from-the-nationals/#more-3928.

Junior National Indoor 2014 at the Ricoh

December 6th, 2014

On Saturday the 6th December Jodie and Nathan went to take part in the Junior national indoor championships in Coventry. The venue was vast with other 600 juniors taking part.

Nathan kept shooting well and finished 3rd with a score of 552. Jodie started of well and was in 5th place after the 1st dozen. Unfortunately she picked up an injury and the score dropped. She finally finished 15th with a score of 512. Well done to you both after such a long day.

Sussex Juniors at Jnic

Jodie and Nathan with some other Sussex Juniors.


Surrey Indoor Champs 2014

November 24th, 2014

On Sunday 23rd November 2014 Jacki and Petra ventured to Woking in Surrey for the Surrey Indoor Championships.

Petra achived the same result three years in a row by winning session B, second in ladies recurve visitors and winning the double round for ladies recurve.

Jacki was 7th in the single and double round.


Arundown November 2014

November 17th, 2014

On Sunday 16th November, several Ditchling club members shot at the Arundown indoors tournament, one of the few in Sussex.

Petra won the single and double ladies recurve

Sarah was second in ladies barebow

Jodie won the single and double round junior ladies recurve under 16s and was 7th in the ladies recurve single round and second in the ladies recurve double round

Jacki was second in the single round and won the double round in ladies compound

Ben tied third place with two other competitiors in men’s recurve and was fourth on the double round

Kevin came in at 24th in men’s recurve

Fred was second in the under 12s junior barebow and was 8th in men’s barebow

Cameron was 7th in men’s compound

Nathan won the single and double round for junior men’s compound and was 9th in men’s compound and fourth in the double round

Colin was 10th in men’s compound

Jack was third in junior men’s compound and finished 15th in men’s compound

The Campion family had an epic day by shooting all three rounds and bagging a tonne of medals:

Jessica as junior ladies barebow won the single and double under 16s junior barebow rounds and was third in Ladies Barebow, second in Ladies Double Round and won the triple round!

Dad Paul won the men’s longbow in the single round, double round and triple round!!!!!

Team Ditchling came second (Ben, Jacki and Petra), with team B in 9th (Jodie, Paul and Kevin)
Arundown Portsmouth team 2014

Brighton Bowmen FITA 18

November 2nd, 2014

On 1st November 2014, Nathan,  Jacki and Petra started on the first of the indoor tournaments for the winter season at Brighton Bowmen. It was a FITA 18 on single detail which was a bit testing in terms of stamina!

Petra finished in third in ladies recurve.

Jacki finished fourth in ladies compound.

Nathan finished twelfth in gentleman’s compound as a junior.

Junior Postal Competitions

November 1st, 2014

Call all Juniors.

Its the indoor season again and there are more opportunities for awards.

Archery GB holds the November challenge each year. This is open to all juniors and all bow types. All you need to do is shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 60cm face at 20 yards. (start of a Portsmouth round). You can have your normal six sighters, and you can try as many times as you like.

For more details see Ben or visit archery GBs web site November Challange

Also running is Sussex’s own winter league

More details can be found here Sussex junior winter leagues

Southern Counties Team Shoot 2014

September 9th, 2014

On Sunday 7th September, several members were fortunate to be selected to represent Sussex for the Southern Counties Team Shoot held in Kingston, Surrey. This was a FITA round, attended by counties within the Southern region. It was an overcast day but the rain held and the wind behaved itself reasonably.

Petra was part of the Senior receurve team which came 7th and she came 5th overall.

Jacki was part of the Senior compound team which came 6th and she finished 9th overall.

Nathan was part of the Junior compound team which came 3rd, with Nathan finishing 3rd overall.

Jodie was part of the Junior recurve team which finished 4th and Jodie was 13th overall.

Well done to all!

Results are available on the Southern Counties Archery Society website.