Albion Match v Eastbourne

On Sunday August 18, Eastbourne came to Ditchling for our Division3 Albion Match, We got soaked in the morning, hot and sticky in between the showers and then plagued by wasps when we tried to enjoy the tea. The result was a Win for Eastbourne by 3128 to 3063.
Our Albion Team was Petra – 810, Bob – 764, Iain – 756 and Peter – 733.
Our Juniors put in some notable scores as follows ; –
Nathan – 942 (Compound), Jack – 800 (Compound) and Fred (Barebow) – 478, shooting a Short Junior Windsor and Abi (Barebow) – 393, shooting a Windsor.
Also Sarah shot 491 (Barebow) for a Junior Windsor, which was her first ever proper shoot.

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