Arundown November 2014

On Sunday 16th November, several Ditchling club members shot at the Arundown indoors tournament, one of the few in Sussex.

Petra won the single and double ladies recurve

Sarah was second in ladies barebow

Jodie won the single and double round junior ladies recurve under 16s and was 7th in the ladies recurve single round and second in the ladies recurve double round

Jacki was second in the single round and won the double round in ladies compound

Ben tied third place with two other competitiors in men’s recurve and was fourth on the double round

Kevin came in at 24th in men’s recurve

Fred was second in the under 12s junior barebow and was 8th in men’s barebow

Cameron was 7th in men’s compound

Nathan won the single and double round for junior men’s compound and was 9th in men’s compound and fourth in the double round

Colin was 10th in men’s compound

Jack was third in junior men’s compound and finished 15th in men’s compound

The Campion family had an epic day by shooting all three rounds and bagging a tonne of medals:

Jessica as junior ladies barebow won the single and double under 16s junior barebow rounds and was third in Ladies Barebow, second in Ladies Double Round and won the triple round!

Dad Paul won the men’s longbow in the single round, double round and triple round!!!!!

Team Ditchling came second (Ben, Jacki and Petra), with team B in 9th (Jodie, Paul and Kevin)
Arundown Portsmouth team 2014

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