Blind Veterans UK Archers Vs Ditchling

On August 26th 2013. 16 archers from Ditchling archery club visited Blind Veterans UK Bowman formerly St. Dunstans.

The weather was damp to start with but then the sun came out and the rest of the day was under mostly blue sky. The wind was a little be tricky at times but that’s what you expect shooting 100 yards or so from the sea.

The match was a handicap adjusted Junior Western with a team of four from each club. All the Ditchling archers shot well close to handicap but the final team was Nathan, Simon, Jodie and Ben. who put in a good adjusted score of 5761 but this was not to be enough on the day. Blind Veterans Bowman’s team was Carol, Sandy, Peter and Michael with an adjusted score of 5983 beating Ditchling by 222 points. This was a very good score for the hosts as all their archers shot over handicap.

Well done also to Kate who scored 375 in her first every shoot.

Full Result can be found here . BV_August_2013_Results

Team August 2013

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