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Junior National Indoor 2014 at the Ricoh

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

On Saturday the 6th December Jodie and Nathan went to take part in the Junior national indoor championships in Coventry. The venue was vast with other 600 juniors taking part.

Nathan kept shooting well and finished 3rd with a score of 552. Jodie started of well and was in 5th place after the 1st dozen. Unfortunately she picked up an injury and the score dropped. She finally finished 15th with a score of 512. Well done to you both after such a long day.

Sussex Juniors at Jnic

Jodie and Nathan with some other Sussex Juniors.


Surrey Indoor Champs 2014

Monday, November 24th, 2014

On Sunday 23rd November 2014 Jacki and Petra ventured to Woking in Surrey for the Surrey Indoor Championships.

Petra achived the same result three years in a row by winning session B, second in ladies recurve visitors and winning the double round for ladies recurve.

Jacki was 7th in the single and double round.


Arundown November 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

On Sunday 16th November, several Ditchling club members shot at the Arundown indoors tournament, one of the few in Sussex.

Petra won the single and double ladies recurve

Sarah was second in ladies barebow

Jodie won the single and double round junior ladies recurve under 16s and was 7th in the ladies recurve single round and second in the ladies recurve double round

Jacki was second in the single round and won the double round in ladies compound

Ben tied third place with two other competitiors in men’s recurve and was fourth on the double round

Kevin came in at 24th in men’s recurve

Fred was second in the under 12s junior barebow and was 8th in men’s barebow

Cameron was 7th in men’s compound

Nathan won the single and double round for junior men’s compound and was 9th in men’s compound and fourth in the double round

Colin was 10th in men’s compound

Jack was third in junior men’s compound and finished 15th in men’s compound

The Campion family had an epic day by shooting all three rounds and bagging a tonne of medals:

Jessica as junior ladies barebow won the single and double under 16s junior barebow rounds and was third in Ladies Barebow, second in Ladies Double Round and won the triple round!

Dad Paul won the men’s longbow in the single round, double round and triple round!!!!!

Team Ditchling came second (Ben, Jacki and Petra), with team B in 9th (Jodie, Paul and Kevin)
Arundown Portsmouth team 2014

Brighton Bowmen FITA 18

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

On 1st November 2014, Nathan,  Jacki and Petra started on the first of the indoor tournaments for the winter season at Brighton Bowmen. It was a FITA 18 on single detail which was a bit testing in terms of stamina!

Petra finished in third in ladies recurve.

Jacki finished fourth in ladies compound.

Nathan finished twelfth in gentleman’s compound as a junior.

Junior Postal Competitions

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Call all Juniors.

Its the indoor season again and there are more opportunities for awards.

Archery GB holds the November challenge each year. This is open to all juniors and all bow types. All you need to do is shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 60cm face at 20 yards. (start of a Portsmouth round). You can have your normal six sighters, and you can try as many times as you like.

For more details see Ben or visit archery GBs web site November Challange

Also running is Sussex’s own winter league

More details can be found here Sussex junior winter leagues

Southern Counties Team Shoot 2014

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

On Sunday 7th September, several members were fortunate to be selected to represent Sussex for the Southern Counties Team Shoot held in Kingston, Surrey. This was a FITA round, attended by counties within the Southern region. It was an overcast day but the rain held and the wind behaved itself reasonably.

Petra was part of the Senior receurve team which came 7th and she came 5th overall.

Jacki was part of the Senior compound team which came 6th and she finished 9th overall.

Nathan was part of the Junior compound team which came 3rd, with Nathan finishing 3rd overall.

Jodie was part of the Junior recurve team which finished 4th and Jodie was 13th overall.

Well done to all!

Results are available on the Southern Counties Archery Society website.

Guildford Acorn Shoot 2014

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

On Bank Holdiay Monday 25th August 2014, Jacki, Petra, Nathan, Ben and Jodie took part in Guildford’s Acorn Shoot consisting of Herefords and Bristol rounds. For all it was probably the most challenging shoot for some time as it rained all day from early morning when setting off for Guildford and returning home in the evening. There was definately a new definition to the word “soaked”! It took over a week for kit to dry out and several days to regalvanise energy!

Petra – lost the ladies recurve trophy from last year but came third.

Jacki  came third for ladies compound.

Jodie came second for junior ladies recurve for the Bristol 2.

Nathan, complete with wet suit gear, won the junior gentleman’s coumpound for a Bristol 3.

Ben came 9th after shooting his first Hereford.

Well done to all with the text of endurance!

Acorn shoot 2014

Albion Match at COAC

Monday, August 18th, 2014

DAC Albion Aug14On 17th August 2014, Ditchling were at County Oak for the last County Albion (9 dozen) match of the summer season.

The team was Bob, Petra, James, Ben, Jodie, Jacki and Nathan

Ditchling secured a win with 3173 versus 3135. The final team was Petra, Ben, James and Jacki.

This means Ditchling has won both Albion matches in Summer 2014, and until official results are in, hopefully League 3!

Lazy Shoot 2014

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

On 13th August 2014, some members took part in Eastbourne’s mid week Lazy Shoot – which is just that – relaxed and friendly. It was very windy and most gratifying coming down in the distance whilst shooting the Windsor Round.

Petra (recurve) came away with a win and a few points off the County Record.

Nathan won the Junior Men’s Compound.

And Bob came third for Men’s Recurve.

Well done all!

UK Target Champs 2014

Monday, August 11th, 2014

On the 9th and 10th of August 2014, Petra ventured up to Lilleshall in Shropshire for a first attempt at the UK Target Championships. Both days proved a mixed bag in terms of weather both days as this was the weekend the remnants of Hurricane Bertha passed over the UK, particularly in the north of England. It was a FITA 1440 both days. The England squad were not present.

Saturday 9th – lovely sunshine but very windy! Petra came 8th with a PB and securing a final score for Master Bowmen requirements!

Sunday 10th – The rain arrived early morning and stayed until the afternoon, when after lunch it was sunny but VERY windy! Petra finished 5th for the day and after the two days of shooting, Petra finished 6th overall! Well done!


Sunday Practice

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Ditchling Archery Club meet every Sunday morning, come rain or shine (well mostly shine!), either to practice for upcoming shoots or just to enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow members.

Here are some images of Ditchling archers in action.

Eastbourne Rose Tournament

Monday, August 4th, 2014

On 2nd and 3rd of August 2014,club members shot at Eastbourne’s Rose tournament – a Hereford Round both days.


Iain was second for Gentleman’s Barebow

Nathan was First for Junior Gentelman’s Compound



Lindsey was Third for Ladies Barebow

Iain won Gentleman’s Barebow

Nathan won Junior Gentleman’s Compound


Double Results:

Iain was second in Gentleman’s Barebow

Nathan won the Junior Gentleman’s Compound

Congratulations to all.

Oxford FITA Weekend – 2014

Monday, August 4th, 2014

On the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of August 2014, Jacki (compound) and Petra (recurve) shot at the Oxford FITA Weekend. It was a very windy weekend with outbreak of rain so it was a case of endurance.

Saturday was a WA70 (FITA 70m) ranking round followed by a head to head.

Petra won the ranking round but unfortunately went out in the quarter finals and finished 5th.

Jacki was ranked 9th and finished a place higher in 8th.

Sunday was a WA1440 (FITA) round. Petra narrowly won with Jacki finishing 8th.

Sussex County Championships 2014

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

On 19th and 20th July 2014, several club members attended the County Championship weekend and a few successes. It was a calm sunny day on the Saturday, but a challenging wind on the Sunday.

On the Saturday (Open FITA):DAC Sussex Open 2014

1st Place:

Petra – ladies recurve

Jodie – junior ladies recurve (Metric 3)

Jacki – ladies compound

Nathan – junior mens compound (metric 3)

Other Results:

Men’s recurve: Ben – 8th, Peter – 12th, Bob – 13th.

Men’s barebow: Iain – 4th

Ben and Petra were second in the team event, missing out on first by 4 points.


On the Sunday (County Championships and Imperial Rounds)

1st Place:

Petra – ladies recurveSussex Champs DAC 2014

Nathan – junior mens compound

2nd Place:

Jodie – junior ladies recurve

Jacki – ladies compound

3rd Place:

Lindsey – ladies barebow

Iain – men’s barebow

Other Places:

Men’s recurve: Ben – 6th, Peter – 8th, Bob – 9th

Junior men’s compund: Jack – 4th

Surrey County Championships 2014

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

On 12th to 13th July 2014 Petra shot at the Double Fita Archery Weekend at Tolworth in Surrey.

On the Saturday she came 4th for the English Archery Federation Championships.

On Sunday she came 5th and 5th for the double round for the Surrey Championships having shot through a technical problem with her bow.

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