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Crystal palace bowmen 42nd shoot

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Jodie waving the flag


1st and 2nd place shooting side by side


Bob on the pull again

Bob, Ben, Jodie and Petra, went to the 42nd Crystal Palace Bowman on Sunday the 27th of April. There was a strong wind blowing all day and temperatures were down as well. despite the weather Jodie won overall junior, whist Petra came second in the Hereford. Bob also shot a Hereford and came 4th. Ben shot a new PB and finished 11th. It was a very enjoyable day out.



Indoor Club Champs Results 2014

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Club Champs Results


Well done to all who took part.

Sussex Team Event – K2

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Thank you to those who stayed or contributed to the team event, shooting a FITA 18 on Sunday 2nd March 2014. We are still surprised at winning the Sussex Trophy especially after a tiring day.

Ditchling Dynamics (Petra, Jacki, Ben, Taff) – won the Sussex Team Trophy and were 4th overall, just a gold behind 3rd place.

Ditchling Dynamos (Jodie, Bob, Peter, Paul) – 16th overall

Ditchling Demons (Sarah, Jack, Jess and Trevor – our guest archer) – 33rd overall

K2 2014 Team Event winners 02Mar14

Sussex Indoor Champs and SCAS 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014

On 2nd March 2014 several club members shot a Portsmouth round at the County Indoor and Regional Championships at K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley. It was a very long day, especially for those who stayed for the team event! A huge well done to all and especially to those who won their category, three in all, with the Team Event making four!

Ladies Recurve: Petra won the Sussex Championship and Double Round, and was third in SCAS (region)

Ladies and Junior Barebow Champion: Jessica and won the SCAS Junior category and 3rd in SCAS overall

Ladies Compound: Jacki 2nd and 9th in SCAS

Gentlemen Recurve: Taff 4th and 17th in SCAS, Ben 6th and 21st in SCAS, Peter 13th and 43rd in SCAS also 7th in the Double Round, Paul 16th and 51st in SCAS, Bob 21st and 70th in SCAS

Gentleman Barebow: Iain – 2nd and also in SCAS

Junior Gentleman Compound: Jack – 1st and 7th overall, SCAS 4th and 28th overall. Nathan 2nd and 8th overall, SCAS 5th and 29th overall and also 2nd in the Double Round and 6th overall

Junior Ladies Recurve: Jodie 3rd and 9th overall; SCAS 11th and 34th overall

Ditchling Team was second with Petra, Ben and Taff

K2 SCAA and SCAS 02Mar14

Arundown Worcester 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014

On 2nd February 2014 some of the members shot at Arundown’s Worcester Tournament. Well done to all archers who represented the club below:

Ladies Recurve: Petra – 1st on Single and Double round

Men’s Recurve (Single/Double Round): Ben 7th/4th, Taff 8th/7th, Peter 27th/13th

Junior Ladies Recurve: Jodie 1st in Single, Double and Treble Round!! (7th in Single and 4th in Double Adult Ranking)

Junior Men’s Compound: Jack 2nd

Ditchling Team was 3rd with Petra, Ben and Taff

Ben and Jodie were third in the Pairs Team

Arundown 02Feb14

Guildford FITA 25

Monday, March 17th, 2014

On 19th January 2014 Ben shot at Guildford’s FITA 25 Indoor Tournament, scoring 550 and coming 8th, whilst bagging a FITA Target 550 badge – well done!!

Match against Blind Veterans

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

There is a friendly Indoor Match against Blind Veterans ( formerly St. Dunstans) on Wednesday March 12th at 6.0pm. The round is shown as a Worcester, but might be changed to a Fita 25 and is a handicap shoot. Anyone who wishes to take part, can you please contact Bob asap. There are only 8 spaces available for Ditchling archers and preference will be given to the newest and less-experienced members. Sighters are at 6.30pm and the evening should finish around 9.0 – 9.30.

Club Indoor Championships

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

The Indoor Championships are on March 23rd at Ardingly and will be a Portsmouth round. There will be 2 sessions, 11.30am and 2.30pm, with a presentation at the end, at about 5.30pm. Anyone wishing to take part, please contact Bob, stating which session you want to do and your bowstyle. Please arrive on time to help with set-up, so that the sessions can begin prompty.

Can last year’s winners please return their trophies , so they can be presented on the day.

National Senior Championships – RICOH Centre

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

On December 28th 2013, Petra and Taff competed in the National Championships in Coventry at the RICOH Centre. We saw Ben and Jodie the day before when we scouted the venue and gave Jodie support for her shoot.

The Senior match was a FITA 18 on a three spot face, followed by a head to head knock out to the final in five set matches.

Taff finished in 90th out of 165 – very respectable!

Petra finished 31st, just scraping into the cut at 32nd. The head to head match was against the UK number one Naomi Folkard who proved just why she is at the top and won the match. It is something that Petra will never forget!

NAtional Indoors 2013 Petra Taff


Junior nationals at RICOH arena

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

We’ll done to Jodie at her first major indoor tournament. Jodie was there with about 350 other juniors to compete for the national indoor title. Jodie finished 12th after just going up to the U16 category. A great tournament we’ll done.


Surrey Indoor Champs 2013

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

On Sunday 24th November Jacki, Petra and Taff shot a Portsmouth round at the Surrey Championships in Guildford. All results are for the Open (Visitors) section

Ladies Recurve: Petra winner session B / Single round 3rd – 559 / Double round 1st – 1110

Ladies Compound: Jacki Single round 3rd – 560 / Double round 2nd – 1118

Gentlemen Recurve: Taff Single Round 30th – 538 / Double Round 13th – 1075

Surrey Indoors Nov2013


Arundown Portsmouth 2013

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

On Sunday 17th November 2013, some of the club members were at Arundown Archery Club shooting a Portsmouth round. Results are below:

Ladies Recurve: Petra 1st – 255 / Double 1st 1104

Ladies Barebow: Jess 2nd- 342 (junior) / Double 2nd 634 / Triple 1st – 885

Ladies Compound: Jacki 2nd – 555 / Double 2nd 1115

Gentleman Recurve: Taff 9th – 548 / Double 10th – 1074 / Triple 2nd – 1554; Peter 13th – 537 / Double 9th 1075; Paul 24th – 478 / Double 16th 983 / Triple 3rd – 1496

Gentleman Barebow: Fred 5th – 227 (junior)

Gentleman Compound: Jack 7th – 510 (junior)

Team: 4th (Jacki, Petra, Taff) / 8th (Peter, Jack, Paul)

DAC Arundown Portsmouth Nov2013

Crookhorn 2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Its the start of the indoor season!

Off on the trail were Jacki (compound) and Petra (recurve) atPhoto: Ditchling representatives at Crookhorn Portsmouth shoot. Crookhorn near Portsmouth on 3rd November 2013 -to shoot a Portsmouth!

Jacki was 5th with 550, just 11 points behind the winning score.

Petra was 4th on single round with 544, but 3rd on the double round with 1099, shooting 555 on the second round.

UK Rankings

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

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Selby Postal League Final Tables

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Well done to our Longbow team for winning their division.Final (1)Selby 2013

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