Club Records Update

I have now compiled a list of club records. These are at the moment abridged versions on the Outdoor Imperial and Indoor records. Where there is currently no records, I’ve removed that category from the records sheet. Please feel free to shoot any round that has a missing record. It would be nice to have a completed record sheet. There are quite a few opportunities for juniors to claim records.

I’ve attached the records as PDF’s for the moment and will soon put them as Excel sheets when I’ve finished putting them altogether.

If there are any errors,  let me know. If you think that you have a record but its not shown, please send me the details of the round, date, bow type and score and I will enter it into the records sheet.


Club Record Officer

Club Records Imperial Oct 2010

Club Records Indoor Oct 2010

Club Records Matrix Oct All

The Matrix all is the total club records.

Soon to come just the  Metrics.

Club Records Metric Oct 2010


Additional Updates to the records. Please keep the scores comming In.

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