Newhaven Western

On 12th May several members took part in the annual Newhaven Western Tournament. They were Ben, Bob, Iain, Paul, Peter, Taff, Lindsey, Petra, Jodie, Zara and Jessica. It was very windy all day but we managed to escape the rain which started just after we wrapped up for the day. A lucky escape!

The results were:

Mens Recurve: Ben 2nd; Taff 6th; Paul 8th; Peter 9th; Bob 12th

Ladies Recurve: Petra 1st

Ladies Coumpond: Lindsey 4th – who also won the black colour prize

Mens Barebow: Iain 1st

Junior Ladies Recurve: Jodie 1st; Zara 2nd

Junior Ladies Barebow: Jessica 1st



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