Second to St Dunstans Archery Club Twice

On Saturday 1st of June Ditchling travelled to St Dunstan’s Archery club for a rematch from the previous Sunday.

Below is the team that came second to St’ D’s but we beat Newhaven in a three way match. The shoot was a Junior Western and was a handicapped shoot.

1 John Grout 796 1466
2 Jonathon Grout 822 1465
3 Peter Humphreys 816 1447
4 Ben Green 840 1444

Also Shooting were Annette Collect, Felicity Woodward, Iain Cadle, Jacki Beard, Jodie Green, Neil Woodward, Zara Green

Team june 2013 small

The week before on Sunday 26th May St Dunstan’s came to Ditchling to shoot a Short Windsor round. Below are the members of the team. Unfortunately we lost by a massive margin of 356 points.

1 Jonathon Grout 890 1490
2 Peter Humphreys 900 1473
3 Ben Green 902 1452
4 Bob Darling 860 1451

Also Shooting were  Craig Wilson, Iain Cadle, Jacki Beard, Jodie Green,  Lindsey Cadle, Murray Wilson, Paul Campion, Trevor Law.
On Both occasions everyone had fun and the weather for both days was fantastic.


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