Southampton Fita70 & Head to Head

On 25th and 26th May 2013, Taff and Petra shot in the Fita70 followed by a Head to Head on both both days. The round is part of the National Ranking criteria. The Fita70 was a seeding round for the Head to Head matches.

On day 1 it was very windy with cross winds. Taff shot 503 to achieve a 500 target badge and was seeded 14th and went out in the last eight on the Head to Head. Petra had a tough shoot, just short of 500 but was seeded third, however went out in the quarter finals, but was the highest scoring loser.

On day 2 the wind was lighter but cross winds were an issue. Taff shot another 500 score and was seeded 10th. On the head to head he went out in the last eight, after shooting an X/10/Miss on the last end! Petra had a lower scoring day, finishing 6th. However there was drama in the Head to Head, knocking out the previous day winner and getting through to the final to be up against none other than her county rival Mandy Linn! The irony being that they have never shot on the same target and were now suddenly Head to Head. After a good giggle between ends, the match ended with a huge friendly hug and Mandy winning 6-4, resulting in Petra being second.

Southampton Fita70 Taff & Petra 25-26May13

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