St. Dunstan’s Match

Well it must have been the first time an indoor match was cut short because of snow. A decision was made to stop the Fita 25 after 4 dozen, as it looked like conditions were going to make our journey home tricky.
The final result was a Win for St. D’s, but our best handicap-adjusted scorers were Jodie, Sam, Howard and Petra. Petra shot her socks off, or should that be tights, reaching 408 (I think) after 4 dozen.
We have 2 other matches against them later in the year, so look out for the details.

 Team    Score  Adj Score        
1 Sam Griffin  234 1417        
2 Howard Griffin 377 1377    
3 Jodie Green 262 1341    
4 Perta Ginman 408 1338    
  Totals 1281 5473    

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