Sussex Championships 2013 – Day 2

On 20th and 21st July 2013, it was the Sussex County Championships at Crawley.

Sunday 21st July 2013

Sussex County Championships – Record Status York/Hereford/Bristol round. Overcast day and a bit windy.

Ladies Recurve – Petra 4th despite suffering a technical problem

Junior Ladies Recurve Bristol 4 – Jodie 2nd

Ladies Compund – Annette retired

Mens Recurve – Ben 12th (and claimed an 800 Rose award!), Bob 13th,  Taff retired

Mens Recurve Bristol Round – Paul (unofficial 1st)

Junior Mens Compound Metric 4 – Nathan 1st

Junior Ladies Barebow Bristol 3 – Abigail 1st

Junior Ladies Barebow Bristol 4 – Jesscia 1st

Team – Ben and Petra 3rd

For full results click here

Sussex Champs 2013 Team 210713

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