Sussex Indoor Champs and SCAS 2014

On 2nd March 2014 several club members shot a Portsmouth round at the County Indoor and Regional Championships at K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley. It was a very long day, especially for those who stayed for the team event! A huge well done to all and especially to those who won their category, three in all, with the Team Event making four!

Ladies Recurve: Petra won the Sussex Championship and Double Round, and was third in SCAS (region)

Ladies and Junior Barebow Champion: Jessica and won the SCAS Junior category and 3rd in SCAS overall

Ladies Compound: Jacki 2nd and 9th in SCAS

Gentlemen Recurve: Taff 4th and 17th in SCAS, Ben 6th and 21st in SCAS, Peter 13th and 43rd in SCAS also 7th in the Double Round, Paul 16th and 51st in SCAS, Bob 21st and 70th in SCAS

Gentleman Barebow: Iain – 2nd and also in SCAS

Junior Gentleman Compound: Jack – 1st and 7th overall, SCAS 4th and 28th overall. Nathan 2nd and 8th overall, SCAS 5th and 29th overall and also 2nd in the Double Round and 6th overall

Junior Ladies Recurve: Jodie 3rd and 9th overall; SCAS 11th and 34th overall

Ditchling Team was second with Petra, Ben and Taff

K2 SCAA and SCAS 02Mar14

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