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Blind Veterans WA25

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Eight members of Ditchling archery club made their way to Blind Veterans archery club on 18th February 2016 to take part in their indoor archery week. All of the Ditchling team shot really well with Jodie claiming a county record. But we lost but only by a close margin of 36 points handicap adjusted.

Full Results Here

Well done to Mike, Jodie Sue and Chris for making the team.



Arundown Worcester 2016

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

A big thank you to Arundown archery club for putting on another successful shoot on the 7/2/2016. Ben, Jodie, Zara, Kevin and Jack all went a long. Every one that went took away at least one medal.

Ben scored 292 out of 300 to take the gent’s recurve gold. Followed this was a gold in the double round also. Jodie took golds in the Junior ladies Single and doubles and also a bronze for the Ladies Recurve single (1 point between 1st,2nd and 3rd) and Silver for the Ladies double (Equal score but 1 less hit). Zara took gold for the Single and double Junior ladies compound and also Bronze in the Ladies Single and double compound. Kevin finished 8th overall and also pickup a gold for the team with Ben and Jodie.

IMG_1798-1 IMG_1787-1

Guildford WA25

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

A nice warm hall this year for the Guildford indoor WA25 on the 17th January 2016. The morning started of with snow falling in Sussex. Most of the east and north saw a few inches. The snow wasn’t a problem in Surrey though and by mid morning it had all but gone. Petra, Jodie and Ben represented Ditchling at this event.

Petra came away with a silver for the double ladies recurve, Jodie got Bronze for the Junior ladies recurve and Ben finished 10th.


Jodie Shoots for England at the Junior National Indoors.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Jodie and Jack went to the JNIC at a new location of Stoneleigh park. This was a very big occasion for Jodie as she had been selected to shoot for the England team. Also on the England team from Sussex were Marc Charlesworth and Kai Thomas-Prause. The England team cam second to Scotland by 1 point. Jodie came 12th overall with a score of 534, a bit behind her PB but that could be the pressure telling. Jack came 7th in the U16 junior gents compound. A very good venue for this event this year the lighting was a bit better than previous years but there was much more space. The venue also hosted the indoor back to back where Petra shot. This was shot in mini leagues and Petra won 2 of her 6 matches but this wasn’t enough to get through to the next round.




Success at High Wealds 1st record status Stafford.

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

On the 29th November Petra, Ben and Jodie made there way across the county to the High Wealds 1st record status Stafford. This is like shooting a double frostbite but inside. Although the shoot was inside it was still a bit on the cool side, but the beef stew and tea provided we a great warmer. All of the members of ditching shot well, Petra came first in the Ladies recurve, Jodie was first in the junior ladies recurve and ben came second in the gents recurve.

Arundown Portsmouth 2015

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

On The 15th of November members of Ditchling took part in the 51st Arundown portmouth tournament in Angmering.

Medals were as follows.
Jodie Single and Double Junior Ladies Recurve.
Petra Single and double Ladies Recurve.
Paul Single, Double and Triple Longbow.
Zara Single and double Junior Ladies U14 Compound
Jack Double Junior Gents U16 Compound
Also Petra, Ben and Jacki for the club team.

Jodie single and Double Ladies Recurve.
Ben Double Recurve.
Jack Single Junior Gents U16 Compound.
Fred Single U12 Junior Barebow.

Ben Single Gents Recurve.
Jacki Ladies Compound Single.
Also Cameron, Kevin and Jodie for 3rd place Team.

Thanks to all that took part. Full results can be found here ->arundown 2015 results



Friendly Portsmouth againts Sussex Uni

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

On Sunday a few members of Ditchling visited Sussex Bowman of Sussex Uni. We all shot a Portsmouth round. The competition was a handicap based one.

Here are the results – >Results for Sussex Bowmen March 2013

Sad to say that we lost. But I think were all had a good time and hope that the Sussex Uni archers had a good experience of a competition.
Thanks to Sussex Bowmen for hosting the competition. We await a rematch.

Here is a link to the full results – >

Southern Counties Indoor 2013

Monday, March 4th, 2013

On Sunday 3/3/2013 9 archers from Ditchling took part in The Southern Counties indoor championships at the K2 leisure center in Crawley. They were Petra, Jodie, Bob, Ben, Iain, Paul, Peter, Simon and Taff.

Petra won the recurve SCAS double Portsmouth and was second in the SCAA single round. Jodie came third in the SCAA Junior ladies recurve Portsmouth.

Ditchling also came third in the team fita 18 competition. The team was Petra, Ben Paul and Taff.
Ditchling Dynamics


We also had a second team of Jodie, Bob, Peter and at the last minute Simon.
Ditchling Dynamos



St Dunstans Fita 25 Handicap shoot

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

On Saturday 12th February a small number of Ditchlings archers went to St Dunstans. The round was a Fita 25.
The scores were adjusted for current handicaps and the team was.

Jodie 1505, Howard 1457, Jonathan G 1455 and Ben 1428 making a total of 5845. Unfortunalty we were beaten by the team from St Dunstans, they scored 5877, 32 points a head.

A good win for St Dunstans as we have beaten them on the last 3 matches.

Success down at Arundown

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Success down at Arundown

Gents Bare Bow – single round
1st John Humphrey

Gents Bare Bow – Double round
2nd John Humphrey

Junior ladies U12  
1st Jodie Green

Club Team 2nd

10th Ben and Jodie

Gents Recurve single round 
3rd Ben Green

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