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Surrey Archery Weekend 2013

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

On 134th and 14th July 2013, Taff and Petra were at the Surrey Archery Weekend World Record Status FITA. On the Saturday was the English Federation Championships, with Sunday being the Surrey County Championships. It was also another stage in the their UK Ranking rounds.

Day 1 – English Federation Championships:

Petra – 4th

Taff – 9th as a Masters Man

Day 2 – Surrey Championships – Double Round to qualify:

Petra – 4th and 3rd on the Double

Taff  – 37th and 33rd on the Double


Six Villages Tournament

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Ditchling Success!!!

On Sunday 14th July 2013 Linz (Lindsey) and Iain attended the Six Villages American shoot.  It proved to be an interesting day with the heat playing havoc with people’s sight marks.

Final result was that Linz gained first place in the Ladies Barebow and Iain won the Gents Barebow.  Also, as the white colour prize had not been claimed during the shoot , the organisers held a shoot of at the end, starting with shooting at the Blue colour prize circle, finally finishing with a compound, a recurve and Iain (barebow) shooting at the gold colour prize circle, result – Iain won. Why is that not surprising…? (surely being Barebow and possible luck is nothing to do with it!).

It’s a shoot that is recommend to everybody next year.

Success at the Junior National Championships

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Jodie Travelled up to lilleshall at the weekend to take part in the Junior national outdoor championships. Saturday was a 12 Dozen Metric day. Sunday was 12 Dozen Imperial Day.

On Saturday Jodie scored 1269 for a Metric IV and came 5th u14 and also 5th overall In the junior ladies recurve. Sunday Jodie started off joint first and was in 4th place until the last dozen were she dropped a few points with 3 archers all tying for 4th place with 1160, Unfortunately Jodie had less golds and finished 6th.

Jodie also made the SCAS regional team on both days SCAS came second on the Saturday but came first on the Sunday. Well done to all that took part.

Link to full results Full Results


IMG_0834Jodie Scas

Southampton Fita70 & Head to Head

Friday, May 31st, 2013

On 25th and 26th May 2013, Taff and Petra shot in the Fita70 followed by a Head to Head on both both days. The round is part of the National Ranking criteria. The Fita70 was a seeding round for the Head to Head matches.

On day 1 it was very windy with cross winds. Taff shot 503 to achieve a 500 target badge and was seeded 14th and went out in the last eight on the Head to Head. Petra had a tough shoot, just short of 500 but was seeded third, however went out in the quarter finals, but was the highest scoring loser.

On day 2 the wind was lighter but cross winds were an issue. Taff shot another 500 score and was seeded 10th. On the head to head he went out in the last eight, after shooting an X/10/Miss on the last end! Petra had a lower scoring day, finishing 6th. However there was drama in the Head to Head, knocking out the previous day winner and getting through to the final to be up against none other than her county rival Mandy Linn! The irony being that they have never shot on the same target and were now suddenly Head to Head. After a good giggle between ends, the match ended with a huge friendly hug and Mandy winning 6-4, resulting in Petra being second.

Southampton Fita70 Taff & Petra 25-26May13

Southern Counties Archery Meeting (SCAM)

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Petra and Taff spent three days 15th – 17th May 2013 near Winchester shooting in the SCAM event. The first two days were a York/Hereford, with the final day being a Long National Handicap.

Petra was fourth for the Double Hereford, winning a society brooch and also won the Coronation Trophy (created in the year of the Coronation) for most golds shot in the tournament. Petra was 11th for the Long National Handicap.

Taff was 32nd for the Double York and was third in the Long National Handicap, winning a very special pot!

SCAM Petra & Taff 16May13

Newhaven Western

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

On 12th May several members took part in the annual Newhaven Western Tournament. They were Ben, Bob, Iain, Paul, Peter, Taff, Lindsey, Petra, Jodie, Zara and Jessica. It was very windy all day but we managed to escape the rain which started just after we wrapped up for the day. A lucky escape!

The results were:

Mens Recurve: Ben 2nd; Taff 6th; Paul 8th; Peter 9th; Bob 12th

Ladies Recurve: Petra 1st

Ladies Coumpond: Lindsey 4th – who also won the black colour prize

Mens Barebow: Iain 1st

Junior Ladies Recurve: Jodie 1st; Zara 2nd

Junior Ladies Barebow: Jessica 1st



Sussex County Shoot

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

On Sunday 5th May four members of the club shot for the County against Hampshire. They were Iain (Barebow), Cameron (Junior Compound), Petra (Recurve), Jodie (Junior Recurve). Unfortunately Hampshire won, but congratulations to Iain, Cameron and Jodie for making the final team.

The match report can be found here

DAC Sussex County 05May13

Crystal Palace Record Status

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

On 21st April 2013, Taff and Petra took part in the Crystal Palace Record Status Shoot, both shooting a Hereford.

Taff was 2nd

Petra was 5th

DAC Crystal Palace Taff&Petra 21Apr13

AC Delco

Monday, April 1st, 2013

On 30th March, Taff and Petra shot at the annual AC Delco Easter Fita shoot, down near Eastleigh in Hampshire. It was freezing cold and a bit of a wind. Imagine a freezing frostbite lasting four times the usual time! Instead of trophies and medals, the club awards Easter Eggs for this shoot. They are a friendly club and previous archers from Ditchling have shot at their ground. The sad part was that this shoot was the last ever shoot on their ground which has been purchased by developers. I am sure we as a club wish them well in securing a permanent home which is on the cards.

Petra was 1st

Taff was 3rd

AC Delco Taff Petra 31 Mar13

St Dunstan’s Rematch

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

On Saturday 9-6-12 Ditchling travelled to St Dunstans for a re-match. This time the round was a Junior Western. The conditions were a bit on the windy side but the sun was out most of the time. Ditchling also won this match, so thats 2 out of 2. A big thank you to St Dunstans for making us all feel very welcome.

The Team Zara, Jonathan, Nichola and Steffan

Here are the results for Ditchling ->Handicaps for St Dunstans June 2012 With Scores

Newhaven Western

Friday, May 13th, 2011

A good turn out for 10 members of Ditchling who took place in this years Newhaven western competition on Sunday 8th of May. Only 2 medals but we made up for it in other prizes and the raffle.

Cliff 3rd in the Longbow
Jodie 3rd Junior Ladies Recurve
Abi Lady P Prize and blue colour prize
Cameron got the black colour prize.
Jodie and Abi both broke club records. Zara beat her expected handicap score by almost 300 points.
The day was a bit on the windy side with gusts which were at times unpredictable. A few spots of rain which held of until lunch.
The Ten that took part we
Abi, Ben, Bob, Cameron, Colin, Cliff, Jodie, Petra, Tim and Zara.
Well done all for taking part.

Report from the SCAS SCAA indoor at K2

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Here is a report for the ditchling archers that took part in the SCAS SCAA indoor championships at the K2 on Sunday 6th March 2011

Southern Counties and Sussex County 2011

BA Postal up to February 2011

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Here are the latest results for the BA Postal league matches Updated 2nd Of March

A Big thank you to all that turn out today. I know that the weather didn’t make shooting that pleasant. It was very damp and by the first dozen I think that most would have preferred to be at home with a nice cup of tea. One more round to go.

Here are the results so far

Frostbite and Portsmouth Fixtures

St Dunstans Fita 25 Handicap shoot

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

On Saturday 12th February a small number of Ditchlings archers went to St Dunstans. The round was a Fita 25.
The scores were adjusted for current handicaps and the team was.

Jodie 1505, Howard 1457, Jonathan G 1455 and Ben 1428 making a total of 5845. Unfortunalty we were beaten by the team from St Dunstans, they scored 5877, 32 points a head.

A good win for St Dunstans as we have beaten them on the last 3 matches.