Waterside 1st Fita weekend.


Jodie getting her trophy at Waterside Archers 1st Fita weekend

3 members of Ditchling ventured across the boarder to Hampshire to the waterside archers 1st Fita weekend. They were Jodie, Nathan and Ben.

Jodie was the overall junior winner with a score of 1179 for a metric 3 round. Nathan came first for the metric 3 junior gents compound with a score of 1213. Ben came 8th in the gents 1440 fita With a score of 978, a few more points for a fita star.

On the way to the shoot the rain came down in buckets, but when we arrived the rain had stopped. The field was very very wet with lots of little lakes every where. There was also a very strong wind blowing across the field. The rain held off for most of the day with only a few showers.  There was also a lot of mud around.

Even though the weather was very poor the atmosphere was great.

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